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Redesign an old lamp

Outside it is cold, and inside it is getting cozy, so brace yourselves Winter is coming!

Candles and indirect lighting are the trendsetters right now and are advancing into our living rooms. When I was bringing my Christmas decorations from my cellar to the upper world, I got my hands on some things which I find could be combined into a wonderful table lamp. This would cost slim to none effort whatsoever and it would be in a form which did not exist like this up to this point. An added extra would be that it also shines bright

What you need:
IMG_3140–    The base lamp is a relic from Ikea which can be found on a junk market for little money
–    Glue
–    Brush
–    old photo negatives (in our day and age of Digital Cameras this might be the hardest thing to get)

First you will have to put a layer of adhesive on the shade. The next step is to carefully place the negatives on this layer.
IMG_3147Watch out that you have them in the correct length, some cutting might be in order before you start sticking them on.
Proceed until you have covered the whole shade in negatives.


And voila – a unique item has been created.

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